The last months i’ve picked up game development i Unity. Every week on Fridays I have a day off to work with this project. That project also comes with a new site and developer blog. If you are interested in following that progress you can check it out at Honkbark studios

When trying to download a file from a Sitecore site, in this case a pdf, the following error showed up in the log:


This turned out to be a problem with MIME-types, and to solve it download the MimeConfig and add a reference to it in web.config as described in this Sitecore documentation.

Open the file and make sure that a mime entry for PDF exists and make sure it is not commented out.

Renaming a branch in git is pretty simple:

git branch -m <oldbranchname> <newbranchname>

Renaming current branch

Or if you already checked out the branch you want to rename all you need to do is:

git branch -m <newbranchname>

git branch -m feature/translation

Read more at the git branch documentation

How to undo a merge that has been pushed to origin? Use Revert. After merging my develop branch into the master branch i realized i didn’t want to release the code i just merged. But it was already pushed to origin. What do do?

first checkout the master branch:

git checkout master

then run a git log and get the id of the merge commit.

git log

then revert to that commit:

git revert -m 1 <merge-commit>

With ‘-m 1′ we tell git to revert to the first parent of the mergecommit on the master branch. -m 2 would specify to revert to the first parent on the develop branch where the merge came from initially.

Now commit the revert and push changes to the remote repo and you are done.

This changes the data to look like before the merge, but not the history. So it’s not exactly like an undo. If we would merge develop into master again the changes we reverted in master wont be applied. So if we would like these changes back again we could revert our first revert(!).

To get more information about this check out the git revert documentation or read Linus Torvalds explanation of this behavior

A while back me and some friends figured we should make a game now when indie games is such a hot topic and we have a few game ideas of our own that we would like to implement. To do this we need to learn some new technologies, for example 3D modeling and the engine that we have chosen because it allows us to publish games on multiple platforms, and that is unity. Hopefully this post is just the start of many ones covering the progress of making an indie game.

So this first post about game development i thought i’d share some nice tutorials that makes you get a hang of how unity works quite fast. They also bring a feeling of curiosity to dig deeper into the unity api.

Make a game
Create a survival game
How to make a 2D game

Thanks to Asbjørn Thirslund at brackeys for releasing these videos for free.

But unities own tutorials is also a good place to start.

I would be happy if anyone would like to share some other great resources to learn unity, if so, why not add a link to them in the comments!