• alan blount
  • Sajal

    I want to have a search box when i search a particular location like newdelhi then how i can get latitude and longitude of newdelhi as my current location is not new delhi it is pune.In every forum i am seeing with getCurrentPostion we can get device current position but how to get other searched places lat long through google APIs

  • Sajal

    Thanx in advance.Any help will be appericiated….

  • suranka
  • Yasin

    Firstly, it is a good resource. I would like to ask something. In this API, the Google API Key is not used. And if I use this API in my mobil application( which is paid application), will there any problem occur about the license ?

  • Alex Sg

    Not Work.
    Where is the file google.map.js ??
    Work with cordova and jquery mobile ??

  • dmlcreative

    Any idea why my map works perfectly on Phonegap iOS, but with Android the map API is loading, but it’s not rendering the map itself or any of my markers???

  • gf

    nice try… you should review your code… copy paste is the cause… of many mistakes.